Strategic and Research Advising

  • Portfolio prioritization​
  • CRO selection​
  • Networking with key opinion leaders
  • Competitive landscapes and threat identification​
  • Assembling recent deal tables with accompanying analysis

Preparation, Review, Critique of Presentations 

  • From the perspective of either the buy or sell side​
  • Focusing on the key information buyers are seeking ​
  • Framing your projects to maximize their value

Valuation, Vetting Potential Partners, Partner Outreach

  • Representation at partnering conferences globally​
  • Out-licensing: Assemble reports & data sets, filter program profile against potential partners to focus on most likely licensors/acquirers​
  • In-licensing or investments: Identification, evaluation and recommendation of  best opportunities

Set Up, Manage, Perform Due Diligence 

  • Lead reviews of technologies, pre-clinical, or clinical programs​
  • Assemble a team, coordinate an existing team, or participate as a team member ​
  • Set up confidential virtual data rooms

Lead or Advise Negotiations

  • Initial term sheets​
  • Letters of understanding​
  • Advising on contract drafts

Blazing Star Pharma Advisors

Martin A. Eglitis, Ph.D.